5 of Our Favorite Outdoor Activities with Road Chief

5 of Our Favorite Outdoor Activities with Road Chief

There’s nothing a Road Chief loves more than being your guide to all the action. Lightweight, agile and aerodynamic, think of the Road Chief as a world-class athlete who cruises out of the blocks, leading the way in best off grid performance and supporting you in any adventure you can imagine. No matter what your next excursion is, our RV’s unique features and capabilities make it the ideal companion. Below are five of our favorite outdoor activities to explore with the Road Chief. What are yours?   


RV travel meet golf pro. Yes, it’s a for-real niche. You know who you are. If RV life and fairways sound like a perfect combination to you, check out rvgolfclub.com. Members gain exclusive access to properties throughout North America, and the number of destinations is growing yearly. The club is a wonderful alternative to RV parks. Quiet nights are followed by a sunrise view of the green, all for a low annual fee. The club has also introduced a handful of RV resorts to their collection for those seeking hook-ups. 

Since the Road Chief is the world’s best off gridding RV, spending a night on a golf course is better than par for the course. Want 10% off the price of membership? Just tell them that Bowlus Road Chief sent you. 

Mountain Biking 

Any avid mountain biker knows what a beautiful country we live in. If you’re the kind of person that loves off-grid races, the Road Chief is a perfect companion. Whether you’re shredding the Sawtooth Mountains or competing in Leadville, the Road Chief’s lithium battery-powered system allows you to stay as close as possible to the trails. With our new 26’ travel trailer you can even enjoy a continuous hot water shower post-ride! And the internal lashing system means your bikes can be safely stored inside your Road Chief with total security while you move to your next challenge. 


Where there’s good fishing, you’ll often find beautiful camping. And wherever there’s camping, there’s always room for a Road Chief. So, snag your tackle box, crack open a cold one and catch a King salmon straight from Lake Ontario. Grill it up for dinner only minutes after catching it in the Road Chief’s full kitchen. Now that’s our idea of “fresh-caught.” Or if you’re a catch and release fan, no worries—your Road Chief’s pre-stocked pantry will ensure you don’t go hungry.


Camping on the beach? Yes please. Especially for those interested in exploring the Californian coast, there are ample opportunities for beachside (and even ocean-side) camping. From San Diego’s Silver Strand to Humboldt’s Gold Bluff, there is no shortage of beach bum adventures. The Road Chief’s unique heating system takes the chill off of cold nights while solar panels recharge the system during the day, thanks to that eternal Californian sunshine.


The Road Chief’s off grid capabilities make it a particularly good fit for climbers. Given that some of the country’s most coveted climbing destinations aren’t close to hook-ups, a Road Chief can be the difference between spending an afternoon climbing a couple of routes at the City of Rocks and spending a week scaling every wall in the National Reserve Idaho.

With its revolutionary battery, charging stations for devices, heated floors, spacious floorplan and incredible off-grid capabilities, the Road Chief holds the promise of endless adventure. You seek spontaneity? New limits? Discovery on a wide-open road? It’s all within reach when you have a Bowlus Road Chief.

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