How Your Reactions Influence Our Design Direction

How Your Reactions Influence Our Design Direction

We love watching visitors’ reactions to the Bowlus Road Chief® – some stand back and exclaim, “It’s rolling art!” Others zero in on the details, often moving towards the gleaming shell, as if being drawn in by a magical delight. Totally captivated, their eyes follow the arc of aluminum panels and pattern of lines. They glide their fingers over rows of smooth, raised rivets, then move towards to the front door, taking in the double convex curves, often delighting as the door closes with a solid thud.

Occasionally, we’re asked very specific questions: Would we make a special Road Chief® without a kitchen? Or a bathroom? Or would we, perhaps, skip the bedroom?

The Bowlus Road Chief® is meticulously engineered; we offer bespoke details for every customer, but certain things remain constant: our commitment to providing quality, our zeal for innovative design, and our floor plan that includes a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. We always welcome conversations. They help us to better understand you and identify potential emerging trends.

As for trends we’re noticing now? More and more families with children are purchasing Road Chiefs®. More grandparents are traveling with their grandkids. Many of us are also integrating work and play in ways never conceived of before. We take notice as our design team makes every effort to conserve continuity with our iconic past while working within the parameters of our vision for the future. We’ve found that our most impressive design improvements are those that increase value, decrease stress, and provide Road Chief® owners with true advantages – like being able to stay powered up, but off grid for up to a week at a time.

We highly value our relationship with you. As Raymond Loewy once said, “simplicity is the deciding factor in the aesthetic equation.” Therein lies our goal. The work we do must feel right and evoke a reaction that imparts meaning to you.

Thank you,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief®

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