Introducing the NEW American Southwest Inspired Color Palette

Introducing the NEW American Southwest Inspired Color Palette

This week we have some big news. We’re introducing our new limited-edition color palette for the On The Road Edition: Spirit of the Dunes. Like Heart of the Canyons, it draws on a Southwestern landscape. Spirit of the Dunes was inspired by the White Sands National Monument, so the taupe upholstery shines like gypsum dune fields reflecting sunlight. The gypsum granules are actually transparent, but they scratch each other and sun rays catch on their imperfections, giving the desert its luster.

When you step into the space, the light-colored upholstery causes the interior to recede, making the Road Chief’s spacious floor plan appear even more open. The fabric is the texture of shagreen, an exotic rawhide inspired by the rich, pebble-like appearance of shark or stingray skin. Historically, this fabric was favored by French aristocrats and then by 1920s and ‘30s designers. It’s an elegant complement to the Bowlus Road Chief (which was part of the 1930s Streamline Moderne movement) and it pairs perfectly with the luxury interior of honest materials like aluminum, stainless steel and birch. The On The Road Edition is complete with yours & mine closets, heated floors, cellular routers and boosters, and an en suite bathroom featuring an expanded shower with Italian fixtures and endless hot water. And every bit as splendid as its namesake.  

By all accounts, the White Sands National Monument shouldn’t exist. Gypsum easily washes away in the rain, but the landscape’s unique structure and climate keep the desert pristine. The sight of it (and the fact that it exists at all) is miraculous. We’ve certainly had our fun there, as have a few of our customers. In naming this palette after the White Sands, we hope to imbue your On The Road adventures with that same sense of wonder and enchantment.

Check in next week for a White Sands itinerary, and reserve your Bowlus Road Chief in Spirit of the Dunes today!

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