Three Magic Words: Endless Hot Water.

Wow! The new Road Chief has endless hot water!

Wait, what does that mean?

It means your hot showers are as endless as whatever source of water you have access to, be it a hookup at a site or the travel trailer’s own water tank.

Our nifty new system uses Swedish technology to heat up water in the Road Chief. It’s composed of two parts: the supplemental heat exchanger and a boiler.

It all begins when you make a selection on the Road Chief’s control panel. Because the heating and water systems are closely intertwined, it’s important to designate where the hot water needs to be channeled to. Say you want to take a hot shower; just hit the shower switch on the control panel.

At that point, the heat exchanger borrows antifreeze from the boiler in order the heat the cold water (either what you have stored in the travel trailer’s tank or what you’re hooked into) to a lukewarm temperature. Once the water loses its chill, it’s pumped into the boiler, where it is further heated using propane and/or 120-volt electricity.

Inside the boiler is a propane flame that works to heat a tank of antifreeze and surrounding water to a very hot 185°—much too hot for a shower unless you’re Daenerys, Mother of Dragons. In a final stage, the water makes its way to the mixer valve where it’s diluted with cold water to 110°. The result? A long, enjoyable shower of hot water even if you’re roughing it off-grid.

Having a large bathroom in a huge, heavy RV is no big whoop, but having a spacious shower and all the comforts of home in an extremely lightweight travel trailer is almost magic (it’s actually science, which is the same thing depending on how much or little you know).

After all, that’s what makes a Road Chief a Road Chief. It’s a whole lot of wonderful packed into an agile, easily towable space. Which means you can go to the places you always dreamed of in the locations that are unique, special and ready to be discovered by you.

Stay warm,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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How You Can Help Our Neighbors & Friends Affected by the California Fires

Our hearts go out to our employees, customers, neighbors and friends who are impacted by the fires just next door in our community.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

California Wide Donations
Red Cross – Providing shelter and support and evacuees and to help those recovering from disasters.
Baby2Baby – Providing necessities to children in need.
California Fire Foundation – Support those on the front lines and aid communities thorough out California.

Local Donations
Humane Society of Ventura County – Sheltering evacuated animals (large and small) from the fire in Ojai, CA
Ventura County Animal Services – Coordinating the evacuation of large and small animals in the Ventura County Fair Ground and Ventura County Animal Shelter.
Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation – Supporting first responders
L.A. County Animal Care Foundation – Offering shelter and care to domestic animals (large and small) displaced and evacuating the fires.

There are many other wonderful worthy agencies supporting displaced families, first responders and animals in need. We thank you for your help.

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How Your Reactions Influence Our Design Direction

We love watching visitors’ reactions to the Bowlus Road Chief® – some stand back and exclaim, “It’s rolling art!” Others zero in on the details, often moving towards the gleaming shell, as if being drawn in by a magical delight. Totally captivated, their eyes follow the arc of aluminum panels and pattern of lines. They glide their fingers over rows of smooth, raised rivets, then move towards to the front door, taking in the double convex curves, often delighting as the door closes with a solid thud.

Occasionally, we’re asked very specific questions: Would we make a special Road Chief® without a kitchen? Or a bathroom? Or would we, perhaps, skip the bedroom?

The Bowlus Road Chief® is meticulously engineered; we offer bespoke details for every customer, but certain things remain constant: our commitment to providing quality, our zeal for innovative design, and our floor plan that includes a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. We always welcome conversations. They help us to better understand you and identify potential emerging trends.

As for trends we’re noticing now? More and more families with children are purchasing Road Chiefs®. More grandparents are traveling with their grandkids. Many of us are also integrating work and play in ways never conceived of before. We take notice as our design team makes every effort to conserve continuity with our iconic past while working within the parameters of our vision for the future. We’ve found that our most impressive design improvements are those that increase value, decrease stress, and provide Road Chief® owners with true advantages – like being able to stay powered up, but off grid for up to a week at a time.

We highly value our relationship with you. As Raymond Loewy once said, “simplicity is the deciding factor in the aesthetic equation.” Therein lies our goal. The work we do must feel right and evoke a reaction that imparts meaning to you.

Thank you,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief®

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The Bowlus Road Chief On The Road Edition Is Here!

We are proud to present the On The Road Edition with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. And it’s exactly what many of you have been waiting for.

As you know, the On The Road Bowlus Road Chief is designed with incredible aerodynamics and uncompromising aesthetics. Tomorrow, for the first time, we will be offering the Bowlus lithium iron phosphate battery management system with a 2,000 watt inverter based on the technology found in our Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways® Edition. Like the Endless Highways, this is about so much more than a change in batteries. This On The Road Edition will give you even more flexibility so you can adventure on your terms with the added benefits of:

  • Faster Charging – The Bowlus Road Chief LiFePO4 battery management system delivers unparalleled performance in all camping conditions with fast responsiveness so you can charge quicker and be on your way.
  • Better Monitoring – The Bowlus Road Chief On The Road LiFePO4battery management system allows accurate analysis of state of charge (SOC) and allows you to identify available power from your control panel, phone or tablet (from within Bluetooth range), so you know when to plug in your solar or find an outlet.
  • Improved Solar Harvesting  –   The fastest tech available. It harvests every available ray of solar power to achieve full charge in the shortest time possible—even on a cloudy day—all monitored via a control panel.
  • Improved Capacity – The On the Road already lasted a long weekend off grid without solar. This Road Chief Collection has 2 kWh (25% more usable capacity than previously offered). Your long weekend just got extended to 7+ days!

This Road Chief is built for efficiency with an uncompromising design. We’re talking industry leading performance and utility. We will not be offering this Road Chief in this configuration at this price point again. It is available in three interior palettes: Big Rock (Red), Surfrider (Blue) and Paradise Cove (Sand).

We look forward to your Road Chief adventures!
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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The Truth About the RV Industry and How Bowlus is Changing it

Consumers have been putting up with defective RV builds and dreadful designs for far too long. The industry business model pushes poorly conceived and sloppily made RVs to dealers, who are tasked with pushing that subpar inventory onto you. Poor design in the RV industry has even created an entire DIY industry where third parties and owners attempt to get things “right.”

Crazy, isn’t it? The consequences of these actions range from the challenge to make a good investment decision to the unnecessary filling of dumpsites with non-recyclable materials to time wasted sealing rivets and plugging leaks instead of enjoying the activities and people you love.

At Bowlus Road Chief, we’ve been reimagining and leading the RV industry for more than five years with thoughtful design and innovative user experiences. Our Road Chiefs do not have the same issues of other RVs because we build them with the highest quality materials for a lifetime of adventures. Sure, quality and great design may cost more at the outset. However, with other RVs, you suffer the costs of replacing units every few years along with a gas guzzling SUV/pickup just to tow it.

We’ve used our experiences and adventures to think about how to travel in an entirely new way. We start with a sales process that is focused on you. Next, we design and execute a superior fit and finish that is truly out of this world. Our quality control process ensures we can confidently direct-deliver your Road Chief to the comfort of your home.

Although we hope that you never encounter any problems, if you do, we have channels in place to support you and provide assistance no matter your location. This allows you to get back to your adventures as soon as possible. For us, every decision we make is driven by a design philosophy that pivots on you adventuring on your terms. Yes, it really is that simple.

So, here we are disrupting the RV industry (again) for mindful adventurers like you.

It’s time for change,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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Road Chief Featured in Wall Street Journal!

We are excited—make that thrilled—to celebrate the kick-off of the “unofficial” start to summer with our first-ever full-page print ad in The Wall Street Journal’s Far and Away Magazine—a beautiful collaboration between the Wall Street Journal and the National Geographic Society. We owe much of our early and continued success to the WSJ and the incredible review done by Dan Neil in The Road Chief is the Ultimate CamperToday, we have expanded our product line, added a few more firsts and continue to be the best travel trailer in the world.

Adventure on your terms,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief


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Why We Do What We Do…

Although you know what we do, you may not understand why we do it. The “why” is what really matters. For us, it is who we are. It is why we do what we do. It is what motivates us every day. So, who are we? We are fearless and forever open to exploration. We challenge the status quo. We encourage different thinking. We love to share our enthusiasm for the timeless grace of minimalism where modern beauty meets utility. We believe in experiences that encourage transformation.

Our mission is to share our love for with travel and revel in the endless possibilities it brings. We take abundant pleasure in individual perspectives and unique experiences. We savor a story well-shared.

And that’s why we are Bowlus Road Chief.

We look forward to connecting,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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“Collector Edition” Super Bowlus to Commemorate Super Bowl Advertising Campaign

To celebrate this special moment, we created a one-of-a-kind “Super Bowlus” Road Chief with curated features to make it the ultimate “tailgater.” Although this “Super Bowlus” sold in minutes, if you’d like to get first “dibs” for the next tailgate season or a future collector’s edition, please let us know. No doubt many fans will have trouble keeping their eyes off your Bowlus Road Chief, no matter which model you go for.

See you out there,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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Bowlus Road Chief is featured in Super Bowl Advertising Campaign!

As you probably know, it’s a pretty big deal to be part of a Super Bowl advertising campaign!

So, with much excitement, we are delighted to announce the appearance of the Bowlus Road Chief in its first national advertising campaign. The commercial shows off some of our “best angles” along with the jewel-finish of a Road Chief. The ad is part of the Squarespace Super Bowl campaign featuring Keanu Reeves and Arch Motorcycle.

View the ad.

A special thank you to those who included us,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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The On The Road Edition – 2018 Color Palettes

The inspiration for the On The Road Edition Classic Color Palettes hail from our time enjoying what Malibu has to offer. The fabled Pacific Coast Highway starts just minutes from our factory in Oxnard, so hitting up the surf or a trail after work is one of our favorite things to do; it’s no surprise we find ourselves blending two of our favorite things—Bowlus Road Chiefs and Californian nature.

Each Classic Color Palette complements the beauty of honest materials like anodized aluminum and birch. In 2018 we offer Paradise Cove (beach sand), Surfrider (ocean blue), and Big Rock (brick red), all coordinated with the luxurious bedding from Libeco in a gorgeous, natural way that says “yes” to dogs, cats, children and breakfast in bed.

Hit up your favorite trail this weekend,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief


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