Endless Highways Power Performance

The Endless Highways® Edition contains a 4KWh of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. Bowlus Road Chief® was the first travel trailer manufacturer (back in 2016) to develop a solution with this technology.

Endless Highways Power Performance Includes:

  • 4 KWH battery means up to a week off-grid without generator use (Other RV’s battery capability is one-night off-grid).
  • Microwave runs off of battery power (This is not possible or standard in any other RV).
  • A/C runs off of battery power (This is not possible or standard in any other RV).
  • Inverter output to all outlets (All outlets work off of the battery – this is not standard in any other RVs).
  • Run Large Appliances Overnight for a more extended time (This is not possible or standard in any other RV).
  • Continuous Hot Water.
  • Mobile Router with Embedded 3G/4G.
  • Wifi Repeater: allows you to piggyback off of other wifi networks to create your private, secure network.
  • GPS.
  • The ability to booster power: If you are camping with only 15A service, but want to draw more than 15A in your Road Chief, the power booster can make up those extra amps from the power bank in the batteries. This means you can use the A/C and a blow dryer at the same time.

Bowlus Road Chief® lithium iron phosphate batteries are manufactured under European specifications and feature integrated cell balancing and cell monitoring for optimum protection. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are noted for a much wider range capacity than traditional lead-acid batteries for both “usable” capacity” and “cycle life.” A lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is on average about a third of the weight of a traditional battery with a safety discharge range to 20% of the battery capacity. Traditional lead-acid batteries can only drop to 50% before damage occurs. A lithium iron phosphate battery can last more than 3000 charge cycles (8 to 10 years of heavy camping use) versus traditional batteries, which last between 2 to 5 years depending on care. Traditional batteries will self-discharge over time and require a trickle charge to stay healthy during storage whereas LiFePO4 can sit (for months) without losing charge.

The Endless Highways design incorporates complete battery management at the cell level with a disconnect in case of under voltage, over voltage or over temperature. Much like electric vehicles, the Bowlus Power System can dynamically adjust battery charging to protect the lithium iron phosphate battery. If needed, the system will disconnect charging from the tow vehicle and solar panel charging circuits. Traditional batteries and aftermarket lithium systems do not have this level of protection and as a result, require more attention to ensure they do not dip below safe discharge level and permanently damage the batteries.

In addition, the Endless Highways® Edition can function as a four-season travel trailer. A special circuit allows power to flow in the Road Chief in sub-zero temperatures but does not allow the batteries to be charged until they warm up since LiFePO4 batteries should not be charged at low temperatures. Since the batteries are located within the Bowlus Road Chief® shell, this warm-up simply occurs by warming the inside of the Road Chief® using the heating system set on propane or 120V. Additionally, the Endless Highways® Edition allows for the lithium battery to be very slowing charged until the battery reaches over 32 degrees where it can then be charged at the full rate.

The Bowlus Power Management 2,000 W inverter delivers 15A to all the inverted 120V outlets. That means you can easily charge your devices or run a laptop or a CPAP machine while off-grid. The inverter is also pure sine wave, which means that all electrical appliances work just like plugging in at home. A control panel allows monitoring of the entire 12V system. This panel can connect via Bluetooth, allowing all this information to be checked via a smartphone.

The Bowlus Road Chief has Power Boost, an incredible feature to increase your flexibility. If you are camping with only 15A service, but want to draw more than 15A in your Road Chief, the power booster can make up those extra amps from the power bank in the batteries. This means you can use the A/C and a blow dryer at the same time.

The Endless Highways® Edition charges at up to 80 amps, so charging the lithium batteries from 20% to 90% takes just a few hours. The Endless Highways® Edition intelligently manages itself whereas any traditional battery system requires owners to stay “on top” of their power usage.

The power system is often not addressed until after you purchase an RV. Bottom line, don’t be fooled by someone saying “oh yeah, I can upgrade you to Lithium or no problem go off-grid” and think it is the same as the performance of a Bowlus Road Chief. When people talk about why they are upgrading to a Road Chief from another RV, they often comment that their previous RV dealer never adequately addressed their understanding of the power systems which left them disappointed in performance capabilities.

Whether you are looking to be on or off the grid, you need a power solution that will ensure maximum flexibility and reliability. At Bowlus Road Chief®, we focus on meaningful design so you can make every adventure your best.

Do you have further questions about Power Performance? We would love to answer them. Send us an email at or call us at 702-762-9137.

Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief®

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Performance You Can Count On

An RV gives you truly amazing ability to explore unique locations in the USA and Canada. Whether it is in your travel plans to see all 61 National Parks, take your kids back to your favorite home state campsite, or truly unplug from it all at an off-grid camping location on public lands, the Bowlus Road Chief is truly the best value because it has the performance you can count on.

Here are a few essentials to consider:


Although we all imagine those iconic national park moments, we still have to get there. That means hitching, driving, and parking. Each one of these actions has special considerations. If you’re like us, you don’t want your RV or travel trailer making decisions for you on where you can explore. The Bowlus Road Chief is genuinely the easiest – and safest RV to drive. That means that driving performance is superb. You can accelerate easily onto on-ramps, brake quickly for defensive driving. Make u-turns on a two-lane highway and you never have to limit yourself with a Bowlus Road Chief.


Most National Park Campgrounds cannot accommodate RV’s over 26’. With larger RV’s you’ll be stuck staying outside of the park and be far away from the fun. Even if sites can accommodate larger RV’s – they are not as abundant, meaning you will have a harder time making sure you get one. Additionally, many RV’s cannot be taken off of paved roads because of their very low ground clearance. However, when you are camping, you want to go off-grid or at the very least experience some rough dirt roads. The Bowlus Road Chief has some of the highest ground clearance to do this. The exterior aluminum we use is the strongest so no worries about dents and dings.


Most travel trailers or RVs cannot go off-grid and use their battery power for more than a night if you are lucky. Their systems are not designed to be off-grid – they are just intended to be at a campground with access to hookups. However, like you, our favorite places to visit, like the National parks, generally do not have hookups. This means if you have an RV that is not built for boondocking, you could end up damaging your battery or unable to work even your heater due to your battery’s limitations. The Bowlus Road Chief is designed to be off-grid. Our extensive battery banks, sophisticated power management systems and ability to run necessary appliances like the microwave and all outlets while off-grid means you can stay in all the coolest spots since you don’t require hookups and are free to enjoy yourselves.

Four Seasons

Many National Parks are located at elevation or located in desert terrain where temperatures can drop overnight. Most RV’s are not built for freezing conditions, and damage will occur. Purchasing an RV that can only be used six months out of the year is not as good value. The Bowlus Road Chief is built for every season, including winter. There is no need for concern about damage when temperatures drop since all systems and piping are inside the Bowlus shell.  As well, you’ll be warm and cozy inside, Did I mention heated floors?

We design for performance,

Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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Why RV Safety Matters To You

Driving an RV can often be terrifying even for those who are not first-timers. White knuckling it all the way to your campsite can truly take the fun out of things. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you purchase a vehicle, one of the most important considerations is safety. Safety is vital to protect you and your loved ones when you travel. It is important to put this priority first when you choose your RV. Most RVs do not have the same safety standards, and most are not easy to drive.

The Bowlus Road Chief has superior safety due to its aerodynamic shape, incredibly ultra lightweight aluminum construction (3,000 lbs less) and it’s braking systems. The Bowlus Road Chief is the easiest to drive full size towable – and the safest.

Here are a few essentials to consider:


Acceleration onto highways can be much slower when towing a heavy travel trailer or driving a motorhome. It is concerning to know that you could be cut off and merging can be dangerous when you can’t build up enough acceleration with even a sprinter van conversion. With a Bowlus Road Chief, it is so lightweight and aerodynamic that it is incredibly easy to accelerate. We went 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds with a Tesla X towing the Road Chief.


When you are towing or driving a motorhome, it can take you a long time (and distance) to slow down, so you need to be prepared for that and brake much sooner. Taking a long time to come to a complete stop can be dangerous and does not lend itself to defensive driving practices.. The Bowlus Road Chief has an extremely short braking distance because it is lightweight with top quality electric brakes.

Cross Winds

When you are towing a travel trailer or driving a tall motorhome or sprinter van with large flat sides, you should be concerned with experiencing crosswinds. Crosswinds can move the path of your vehicle sideways and can make you “fight” the wind. The Bowlus Road Chief has an incredibly low center of gravity (while offering the highest clearance) and curved sides meaning that there is minimal flat surface area, so there is much less resistance for the wind to blow at you.

Cell Signal

Most campsites have minimal cell signal, but what if there is a medical emergency. You want to be able to contact the authorities for medical assistance. The Bowlus Road Chief has a cellular booster and router with GPS tracking, so you are never alone and out of touch. The router can even run on two networks, so you never lose coverage when you most need it.


Most RVs do not have secure locks, and their flimsy, small RV style locks are all keyed similar. That means your neighbor could have the same lock as you. At Bowlus Road Chief we use the same industrial door deadbolts that are used to secure millions of dollars of inventory. All uniquely keyed and extremely secure.

At Bowlus Road Chief your safety and security is always of critical importance to us.

Kind Regards
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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