How Do You Keep Your Signature?

How Do You Keep Your Signature?

All truly spectacular transportation designs can be broken down into their constituent parts: a line, a detail, a curve. The very best forms can be pared back to practically nothing, with a simple silhouette speaking volumes, like a signature of who you are. At Bowlus Road Chief®, our design is so pure we’ve even trademarked it.

A strong signature is essential so that altering it can feel like sacrilege if not done correctly. Thankfully, we’re so focused that changes in design, materials, technology or craftsmanship have never impacted the fundamental elements that make a Bowlus Road Chief® what it is. However, new demands motivate us to create new design solutions. We see more inter-generational families sharing a Road Chief®; we realize more travelers are working while on the road; more owners are also living away from their home base for longer periods. These needs cause us to consider how to best serve our ever-developing market. So our visual identity must evolve; however, it must also stay true. Thus, we protect your investment while widening our offering.

So with great deliberation, we have added two feet the Bowlus Road Chief® to create a new edition to be known as the Endless Highways® Edition. It delivers on our core values of meaningful adventures, incredible agility, the very best in quality and craftsmanship, outstanding off-grid performance, and amazing range, with Road Chief® additions that speak to your specific needs. Rest assured, we didn’t dampen the aerodynamics or the handling. We designed this edition for those seeking more comfort for four, or more room for two, on their extended adventures.

As we’ve grown to a full portfolio of Road Chief® editions, the constants of quality, craftsmanship, technology and design that have guided us since inception are always in our mind as we focus on you.

Although the Endless Highways® Edition will be released on October 29th, you may wish to order one today because, like everything we do, there is a finite number of these beautiful editions available. Delivery begins in late November 2018.

We always have you in mind,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief®