Endless Highways edition was right for me

Endless Highways edition was right for me

Saw a Wall Street Journal review of the Bowlus Road Chief and immediately knew how Mr. Toad must have felt when he gazed upon an airplane for the first time.   I did my web research, exchanged a number of phone calls with Geneva and Helena, and finally decided that the Endless Highways edition was right for me.

In August, 2017, Mr. Jennings (a beagle) and I departed NYC for Henderson, NV to pick up our new Road Chief.  Everywhere that we stopped the Road Chief attracted considerable attention; it seemed as if people knew that here was something special and that it should be paid attention to.

Since that time, there have been many weekend trips traveling the narrow, twisting roads of northwestern Connecticut and the similarly  narrow, twisting roads on New York’s Adirondaks. Through the rain, snow and blue skies, the Road Chief has been a welcome and reliable companion.  I’m happy that I have it.

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