The new Road Chief is respectful to the original design

The new Road Chief is respectful to the original design

The new Road Chief is respectful to the original design while employing state- of-the-art design, materials and mechanicals. So how does an Airstream compare to a Road Chief? It doesn’t, unless you think Ginsu to Masamune can be compared.

If you consider it an expensive toy, then you have little knowledge of fabrication material or appreciation of fine workmanship, utilization of space, and design clarity. The Bowlus is certainly the best-built trailer in the world. It has no frivolous pseudo-luxury, no televisions or 200W sub-woofers, no granite counters, reclining chairs, automated awnings. It’s lightweight, rugged, nimble, the finest materials (2024 T3, maple, teak, stainless…), and everything fits and is quality. Inspecting a Road Chief, you can feel the love and care in the artisans’ expert craftwork, which is so totally void in any other travel trailer. No one else is capable of manufacturing at this quality level.

The Bowlus is 24 feet long. For the same price, you can buy six or seven more feet of wet, buckling floors, missed rivets, stripped screws, sticky windows, white box appliances, cheap carpet or puckering vinyl, oil canning skins and superficial glamour. From the viewpoint of a fabricator, the Bowlus Road Chief offers much more for the money. Bowlus Road Chief LLC operates with a very different ethic than other travel trailer manufacturers. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not bashing the “others”, it’s just absolutely factual that Bowlus Road Chief far exceeds any other travel trailer.

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