Home For the Holidays

Home For the Holidays

At the end of May, we mentioned the trend of Luxury Land Travel we are experiencing. While our owners have always traveled on their terms, we hear more and more how air travel, hotel stays, and car rentals (and the trips and vacations that traditionally came with that experience) are on hold for the foreseeable future. However, our owners’ desire to visit friends and family and a fabulous National Park or two along the way has become even more valued.


They are excited to seek new ways to enjoy luxury travel experiences that include a seamless, safe, and ultra-comfortable transition from home and their destinations. We’ve seen the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and NPR discussing how RV travel is the safest way to travel. Additionally, you might have seen me, on Yahoo Finance, a few weeks ago talking about these trends.


What starts as a trend has long been a way of life for our Road Chief owners. Since all Bowlus Road Chiefs are made to order by placing a pre-order, we have an early pulse on emerging travel trends.


Here is what they are saying:

  • They know they want to spend the holidays with their families. However, they know they are not keen to use air travel, hotels, or car rentals. 
  • They are eager to use the Bowlus Road Chief as it is the only four-season RV on the market. We have designed the Road Chief for your use in all seasons.
  • This trend attracts many first-time buyers who are unsure of what they should prioritize when making their purchasing decisions. At Bowlus Road Chief, our approach to user-centric design means we truly understand the features that will benefit you most, and we ensure you’ll find them in your Bowlus Road Chief.

We will be diving deeper into the features over the next few weeks to illustrate how your winter luxury land travel with your Bowlus Road Chief will truly make you feel – no matter where you travel – home for the holidays. 

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