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Endless Hot Water With Your Bowlus®

Endless Hot Water With Your Bowlus®

Wow! The new Bowlus has endless hot water!

Wait, what does that mean?

It means your hot showers are as endless as whatever source of water you have access to, be it a hookup at a site or the travel trailer’s own water tank.

Our nifty new system uses Swedish technology to heat up water in the Bowlus. It’s composed of two parts: the supplemental heat exchanger and a boiler.

It all begins when you make a selection on the Bowlus’ control panel. Because the heating and water systems are closely intertwined, it’s important to designate where the hot water needs to be channeled to. Say you want to take a hot shower; just hit the shower switch on the control panel.

At that point, the heat exchanger borrows antifreeze from the boiler in order the heat the cold water (either what you have stored in the travel trailer’s tank or what you’re hooked into) to a lukewarm temperature. Once the water loses its chill, it’s pumped into the boiler, where it is further heated using propane and/or 120-volt electricity.

Inside the boiler is a propane flame that works to heat a tank of antifreeze and surrounding water to a very hot 185°—much too hot for a shower. In a final stage, the water makes its way to the mixer valve where it’s diluted with cold water to 110°. The result? A long, enjoyable shower of hot water even if you’re roughing it off-grid.

Having a large bathroom in a huge, heavy RV is no big whoop, but having a spacious shower and all the comforts of home in an extremely lightweight travel trailer is almost magic (it’s actually science, which is the same thing depending on how much or little you know).

After all, that’s what makes a Bowlus a Bowlus. It’s a whole lot of wonderful packed into an agile, easily towable space. Which means you can go to the places you always dreamed of in the locations that are unique, special and ready to be discovered by you.