Is the Bowlus Road Chief – Endless Highways Right For You?

Is the Bowlus Road Chief – Endless Highways Right For You?

The Bowlus Road Chief – Endless Highways is an exquisite manifestation of freedom, technology and extraordinary design. It’s also loaded with all the amazing original features found in the On The Road Edition, plus more than two dozen insane amazing additions. Its crowning achievement? The ability to stay off-grid and online for up to seven days, making the Limited Edition Endless Highways the most technologically advanced travel trailer in the world.

If you own or plan to purchase a Tesla X, it’s also the perfect partner with 175+ miles of towing capability compared to 50 miles with other travel trailers. This extended towability speaks to the Road Chief’s outstanding aerodynamics and light weight. Even if an electric vehicle like a Tesla X isn’t in your driveway, the Bowlus Road Chief – Endless Highways® is loaded with the type of tech that makes your life better…like the ability to manage your Road Chief from your phone. Available at $219,000, the Endless Highways is priced for value.

The Bowlus Road Chief – Endless Highways celebrates our California heritage with two stunning themes in 2018 (Celestial Skies and Malibu Sage) and can only be viewed via password. If you want to see what all the excitement is about then introduce yourself, because we can’t wait to introduce the Bowlus Road Chief – Endless Highways to you.

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