Naming Your Bowlus Road Chief

Naming Your Bowlus Road Chief

What’s in a name?

A lot of thought, if you’re a Bowlus Road Chief adventurer. Many great vehicles have a name, from the Mayflower to the Enterprise. As a finishing touch on the world’s ultimate leisure vehicle, we emblazon the name of your choice on the fender skirts. Romeo’s point was that language is arbitrary and fails to capture the intrinsic nature of the object being described, but ironically, his own name is heavy with cultural connotations. In other words, names matter! The Road Chief isn’t just a travel trailer, after all: It’s an heirloom. For our owners, their Road Chief is a piece of family history.

Many Road Chief owners have named their travel trailers after pets or people, either in honor of or in commemoration of. It’s a beautiful way to express gratitude for the lives that shape our own life, and it’s a reminder of the special adventures shared with them. You don’t have to have name your Road Chief, but if you want to and can’t decide, hand the fun over to the unabashed creatives in the family—your kids or grandkids. Not only does it give them more of a connection to the Road Chief, but it makes for a great story when people ask how your Road Chief came to be named Pixie Dust.

Travel is also a great source of inspiration. Maybe you want to call your Road Chief after the first trip you take. Or the dream trip. From Arcadia to Zion, the list of possibilities is nearly endless. Noun names like Atlas or Desert Mirage can also make for beautiful names. Bless your future adventures with names like The Enchantment, Wanderlust or Fortuity. What do you plan to do when you’re out with your Road Chief? Are you a stargazer? Above & Beyond, Stella, Nova, Zenith. Do you frequent vineyards on your Road Chief travels? Through the Grapevine, Merlot.

A number of Road Chief owners have named their travel trailer after historical vehicles. In other words: famous planes, trains and automobiles. On that note, names inspired by aluminum or silver suit the Road Chief well: Silver Fox, Sterling Moon, Argent Dawn. Inside jokes are yet another avenue. For example, we like the idea of Out of Office for a mobile office. Whatever you decide to call your new Bowlus Road Chief, the final touch on every Road Chief is a name emblazoned on the fender skirts. So what is in a Road Chief’s name? Almost anything you can imagine. It’s just one more way to personalize your adventure vehicle to perfection.

Name away,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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