Personalize Your Road Chief

Personalize Your Road Chief

What does the perfect mobile sanctuary look like to you? Warm woods offset with chalky grays? Dark finishes that mingle with bold jewel tones? Your personal palate is unique—your Road Chief’s palette can be too. We offer bespoke design that allows you to customize elements of your luxury adventure vehicle.

Last year, Bowlus Road Chief was invited to be part of a Super Bowl commercial with Keanu Reeves and Squarespace. To commemorate the occasion, we created the Super Bowlus, a Road Chief with a distinctly sporty, masculine touch. The Super Bowlus featured darker woods, a more muted color scheme, and herringbone bedding. It’s an excellent example of how your Road Chief can be whatever you want it to be. For instance, one family selected “zingy” upholstery in majestic royal purple. Another adventurous couple opted for exotic faux-pony skin and a gorgeous, marine-inspired floor.

We carefully curate our color palettes, taking notes from our own Road Chief adventures. For instance, the 2019 Endless Highways features a color scheme called Heart of the Canyons, which reflects the indelible oranges seared into our memories by the spirals of Antelope Canyon and the arcs of red rock found throughout the American Southwest. Our uncompromising craftsmanship and design remains the same, but Road Chiefs built in different years will appear quite different on the inside. In that way, your Road Chief will always be unique. However, you can create something truly special when you explore our bespoke offerings.

With hundreds of swatches to choose from, you can mix and match for hundreds of thousands of possible combinations. Exotic wood tables? We can do that. Striped luxury linens? That too. Vegan leather magenta upholstery? Sure thing. You can even pick the perfect awnings from Sunbrella’s extensive selection. Of course, as with all important companions, your Road Chief will need a namewhich is proudly displayed on the fender skirts.  

At the heart of the Ultimate Luxury Off Grid Adventure Vehicle™ is a desire to empower you on a lifetime of adventures. We want you to be able to explore the furthest reaches of your map, so we introduced a battery that allows you to spend up to a week off grid. We want you to be able to tow with your Porsche, Tesla X or other fun-to-drive vehicle, so we use ultralightweight materials and aerodynamic construction. And it’s why we offer services that allow you to tailor aspects of the Road Chief—so it can be a truest expression of how you like to adventure.

Are you ready to tailor your Road Chief? Our Adventure Guides would love to hear what you have in mind. Please reach out to (855) 426-9587 or

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