The Ultimate in Performance & Luxury Is Here!

The Ultimate in Performance & Luxury Is Here!

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Endless Highways Performance Edition.

We are incredibly intentional about what we weave into the Bowlus Road Chief. Technology only exists to better our owners’ experience, to allow them to adventure in a way only a Road Chief can. The ease of operation of a Road Chief is incomparable to any other RV – it operates as a fully contained adventure experience that you can take anywhere. The Endless Highways Performance Edition is the next generation of all of our aspirations.

The Performance Edition builds on the already obsessively crafted Endless Highways Edition. Huge skylights in the main cabin, crafted by Bowlus Road Chief’s artisans, bring the outdoors inside and are optimized for stargazing. The skylights are in the Bowlus Road Chief signature shape, which is the ideal shape that allows full tensile strength to transmit along the Road Chief exterior armor-like shell.

The electrical power system is designed to enable an effortless off-grid adventure. The yacht quality pure sine inverter is upgraded to 3,000W. The lithium iron phosphate system’s capacity is doubled to 600 Ah/7680Wh for up to two weeks of off-grid battery use. The impressive system rapidly charges in 3-4 hours. The air-conditioning in the Endless Highways, which has been able to run off of the batteries since it debuted in 2016, is estimated in this Edition to cool up to two overnights. The entire power management system is connected via Bluetooth and the internet so that all critical data is easily accessible on your smartphone. With all outlets live at all times, this RV is designed, so that owners never need to think about their power consumption.

The exterior is Outdoor Kitchen Ready with a 110V outlet and propane outlet. This kitchen-ready set up allows each owner to customize this to their needs, and appliances like induction cooktops, propane bbq’s, or even a margarita blender are ready to plug and play.

You’ll never find yourself stranded during your zero-emission road trip with a Bowlus Road Chief as the external 110V outlet additionally can give an emergency micro-charge to your electric vehicle. With a full battery, the Road Chief could extend EV SUVs currently on the market for up to 16 miles.

To celebrate this launch, Bowlus Road Chief is debuting the Performance Edition in a Bespoke Customization of Wild Succulent. Appearing in Nature’s color makes sense for the sustainably built Bowlus Road Chief. I selected this optimistic shade from the succulents that grow wild on the coastal bluffs just mere minutes from our workshop & design center. The Performance Edition is also available in Bowlus Road Chief’s signature colors – Wyoming Saddle and Windswept Sand.

The Performance Edition is a $35,000 upgrade and is available exclusively on the Endless Highways Edition.

Kind Regards,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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