Can you tell me about the drainage system?

Every Bowlus Road Chief possesses a special addition to their drains so that you’ll never get that “dry sink” odor—you know the one—when you walk into the kitchen or bathroom after you’ve been away. It makes you step back as your wastewater attempts to “drown” the icky smell. You’ll never have to waste water to do that in a Road Chief. Additionally, and most importantly, we don’t combine “grey” and “black” water. By doing this, we can be kinder to the environment, use less fresh water for the toilet and avoid using a “stinky slinky” to dispose of gallons and gallons of unnecessary waste. A final benefit is that with the use of an environmentally friendly soap, you can now consider using your Road Chief “grey” water for a secondary use, like landscaping. As water becomes an increasingly valued resource, you’ll be glad you own a Road Chief that allows you to give the environment the respect it deserves.

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