What should I bring?

Part of the experience is figuring what’s best for you. Some people love a detailed plan and others love to “blow in the wind.” Checklists can save you time and energy so you can ensure your trips are eventful in the way you imagine them. We suggest you personalize your checklists and place them in your phone or tablet, or just keep them handy. We offer pre-departure, campsite arrival, circle check, campsite departure and maintenance checklists. You will find them in the Bowlus Road Chief Owner’s Dropbox. Additionally, always take a few minutes to refresh yourself on your Road Chief® systems (power, water, propane) before you leave for a trip.

Some people love to be minimalists, while others love to bring everything. We believe some things are necessary that others believe are not. Start with our checklists. Review them and then build your own personalized list. Please remember we do not supply locks, chocks or water hoses with your Road Chief unless they were ordered from the Bowlus General Store.

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