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Hawley Bowlus didn’t just invent the aluminum travel trailer in 1934: he created an American icon.

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The Road Chief’s® scintillating design is inspired by a heritage of aircraft construction. The result? Ultralight weight, superb aerodynamics and uncompromising standards—not to mention that shiny, famous exterior. The Road Chief’s® aesthetic appeal inspired many admirers and would-be copycats, such as Wally Byam of Airstream. Today, Bowlus Road Chief® continues to innovate a better way of adventuring and remains the world’s most advanced travel trailer. Here’s how:

Exploration Made Easy

Agile, aerodynamic and ultra lightweight. A single adult can move the Bowlus Road Chief, and hitch in under a minute. In fact, it’s so lightweight that it can be towed by almost any SUV or crossover. Its sleek aesthetic makes it the perfect companion for a fun-to-drive luxury vehicle. The Tesla X can tow the Road Chief for up to 200 miles on a single charge. Combine that with the industry’s largest lithium batteries and zero emission camping is easy.

Supreme Freedom

We introduced the world’s first lithium battery-powered travel trailer. These unique batteries allow adventurers to be incredibly self-reliant. The Road Chief can last up to a week off grid (i.e., no hookups needed), while still being able to run heating and appliances from its own power stores. If you attach optional solar panels, you could last off grid indefinitely. Most travel trailers and RVs can only last a day or two and don’t have the ability to run multiple outlets.

Uncompromising Luxury

Road Chiefs are meticulously crafted by our expert craftworkers and made from honest materials. The aluminum shell and 5,000 hand-installed rivets are made from true, aircraft-grade alloys. The wood interior is real birch. The flooring is exceedingly durable, crafted from the same material used on professional quality basketball courts. No matter which Edition you opt for, rest assured every Road Chief is executed to the most exacting standards.

Adventure for Everyone

The Road Chief is designed to bring you closer to the people and places you love. Flexible sleeping arrangements let you bring any of your traveling companions along for the journey. The Zen-like bedroom features a true king bed that can convert to two twins. The living room converts to two twins too. You can easily accommodate any of your favorite travel companions. Take your family on a cross-country road trip. Sleep under the star-dusted skies of the Mojave desert.

Adventure on your terms with Bowlus Road Chief®

Where Should You Start?

We’re so glad you’ve found us. On our blog, The Adventurer, we explore the Bowlus Road Chief® and the unique adventures that ownership makes possible.

If you’re interested in trip itineraries, we recommend starting with Joshua Tree or Inyo National Forest. Looking for more on the experience of Road Chief® ownership? Learn about the importance of RV drivability or how to find storage for a Road Chief®. If it’s adventure you’re after, take a look at 9 Events & Celebrations You and Your Road Chief® Don’t Want to Miss or 7 Stunning Places to Camp on the Beach with Your Road Chief®. More interested in the technical side of things? The Design Secret Behind the Road Chief’s® Incredible Strength or this blog on the Endless Hot Water system are for you.

You can also step inside a Road Chief®. Schedule a tour at our showrooms in Las Vegas, NV and Oxnard, CA, or visit remotely, from the comfort of your own home; we offer personalized FaceTime tours, 360 degree tours of the 24’ On The Road® and 26’ On The Road® editions, as well as a walkthrough video. For the latest in travel inspiration, technical secrets and exclusive collectibles, sign up for our emails. If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to adventureguide@bowlus.com or (855) 278-9800.

Here’s to adventure,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief

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