Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery (6)

Although home delivery is the easiest option, you can experience delivery at one of our showrooms. Please note—some states have regulations against taking delivery in a state different from the state where registration will occur. Others require that taxes and registration must be collected. Additionally, your state may not have a reciprocal arrangement that allows for reimbursement of payments made. Please inquire with your delivery experience specialist on how this may apply to you. We are unable to discuss any tax related inquiries; please do so with your personal tax planner.

Category: Delivery

The home delivery fee applies regardless of delivery choice or location (including pickup at the Road Chief factory or showrooms).

Category: Delivery

The Road Chief is locked with keys couriered to you. No one can enter your Road Chief while it is being delivered.

Category: Delivery

Before driving off on your first adventure with your new Bowlus Road Chief, we require that the balance be paid in full, either personally or by your financing institution. We provide an itemized breakdown of the final payment on the vehicle purchase agreement (VPA) per your vehicle’s configuration, including any applicable taxes and fees. If you choose to finance through a third party bank or credit union, the financed amount will be listed on your VPA.

Category: Delivery

Once your Bowlus Road Chief final inspection is complete, the delivery team will contact you to confirm your delivery timeline/window.

Category: Delivery

A professional driver does their best to ensure a safe delivery. Additionally, they are required to carry sufficient insurance so that you are covered should damage occur while the Road Chief is in their possession. We also require you to carry insurance so that if damage happens after the truck leaves, you are covered.

Category: Delivery

Delivery Options (1)

At Bowlus Road Chief we aim for the highest quality “customer focused” delivery experience. Once you place your order and enter your contact info, the sales support team will contact you. Once your order is confirmed, they will answer any questions you may have about delivery logistics. We now offer the following delivery options:

Home delivery: your Bowlus Road Chief is conveniently delivered to the address of your choice (residential or office) within the continental USA. We recommend that you view the manuals prior to delivery. They will be placed in your personalized Dropbox upon your second deposit. Payment in full is required prior to shipping, and a delivery window is provided in advance. Prior to delivery, our expert staff performs a pre-delivery inspection and verifies that your Road Chief is detailed. All documentation is done in advance and couriered separately to you. Once you have familiarized yourself with your Road Chief, our sales support team is available for questions. A $999 (or a $499 fee if you live in California or Nevada) delivery fee will appear on your invoice.

Express pickup: for those who have planned a trip from Oxnard, CA or Henderson, NV showrooms, you may pick up your Bowlus Road Chief and simply hitch and drive off. Please make sure to review your manuals, contract and other documents prior to the express pickup appointment. Our showrooms offer a great customer experience for sales, showings and pickups, but have very limited space, so we are unable to store vehicles at them. Please be prepared to pick up your vehicle within one week of notification, or it will be shipped to your home address on file. Prior to your appointment, our expert staff performs a pre-delivery inspection and verifies that your Road Chief is detailed. The fee for this service is $499.

Design & Engineering Changes (1)

Our design inspiration leans to simplicity, utility and appropriate use of technology so that you can focus on adventure. As a result, we do not offer custom engineering related changes.

Exterior Features (12)

Yes, owners have used an assortment bike racks as well as the internal tie downs. We recommend making this purchase after your Road Chief is delivered.

Although no owners have experienced any concerns, we recommend you ensure your hitch assembly is locked to your vehicle and your Road Chief is locked to your hitch assembly. Then replace the lock on the Road Chief once you have unhitched it from your vehicle.

The awning attaches to either side of the Bowlus Road Chief by simply sliding through the awning rail. Then, three tent poles hold it up. Tent pegs and rope are included.

The solar panel has a 25-foot cord and plugs into an outlet on the exterior of the Road Chief. For maximum effectiveness, the solar panel must be manually adjusted for location, cloud cover and angle of sun. Over the course of a sunny day, one solar panel can generate enough power for the next day.

Name your Road Chief something you love. We do our very best to accommodate your wishes. Generally, 20 characters is an appropriate limit.

We recommend storing your Road Chief in a secure indoor facility. If you Road Chief has a LiFePO4 battery, we recommend that you charge up your battery 100% before storage, and then switch your Road Chief into storage mode. Please check on your Road Chief monthly to confirm the state of charge. You do not need to have 120V power while storing. If your Road Chief does not have LiFePO4 battery, we recommend trickle charging with 120V power.

Washing your Road Chief only takes about 30 minutes; it’s simple and easy to clean – just use water and a micro-cloth. Instructions are included in your Road Chief Owner’s Manual.

The hitch is not removable.

Safety is always our first priority, and you never need to rush hitching since it just takes a minute or two. Your tow vehicle must be outfitted with a 2-inch ball that sits 17.5 inches to 18.5 inches from level ground to the top of the ball. You must have two “anchor” points or rings on your hitch to attach the emergency and safety cables. You must have an operational 7-pin socket. If your 7-pin plug is more than 1.5 feet away from your hitch assembly, please send a photo to You must have an operational 12V socket inside your vehicle for plugging in your remote brake controller. Please always remember to lock your hitch assembly to your vehicle as well as to lock your Road Chief to your hitch.

Want to know if your vehicle can tow a Road Chief?

Our sales team members are towing experts. They love to share their knowledge to get you safely on your first adventure.

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The radio frequency brake controller is twinned to your Road Chief prior to delivery, so no matter which vehicle you use, the brake controller will function. You’ll find a manual for the operation of the radio frequency brake controller in your Owner’s Dropbox.

Propane is only used for the stove, and, if you choose, the heating system. You can also run the heating system on 120V. The propane system takes 5.8 gallons (24.36 pounds) of propane. Generally, heavy users refill twice a year. We do not use a propane refrigerator since they require a level surface, and the propane must be turned on while traveling to keep food from spoiling, creating a safety hazard.

Please notify us as soon as you have made the decision. If the change is made after your Road Chief’s name has been applied, we can quote you the price for a new set of fender skirts and courier them to you.

Financing (2)

Yes, you may finance with a third party bank or credit union. In order to apply third party financing to your purchase, we require the name of the funding institution, the exact dollar amount of your loan and the lien-holder address and phone number.

Category: Financing

Please contact our sales support team for more information.

Category: Financing

First Trip (7)

Yes. We recommend that you be very familiar with your Bowlus Road Chief first. If you choose to winter camp, you must ensure the internal temperature of the Road Chief is always well above freezing. Consider the risk you are taking. You’ll need to manage your systems with care.

Can I Go Four Seasons Camping in a Road Chief?

The Road Chief is ready for every season of adventure. Learn more in our exclusive guide.

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Category: First Trip

Slow down and be open to the adventure. Some owners have told us they spent the first night at home, enjoying cocktails in their Road Chief. Others are more comfortable heading out for a sweet, easy weekend. Some know that driving for 8 or 12 hours straight, then setting up, makes them cranky and frustrated. For others, driving after dark or skipping a meal sucks the fun out a trip. Evaluate your style. Know yourself and your travel mates. Be considerate and kind to yourself and others. Make every moment enjoyable, and you will commence a fun, new lifestyle with your Road Chief.

Category: First Trip

Your vehicle may or may not give a charge back to your Road Chief depending on a number of factors, so manage your power by plugging in your Road Chief to a power source like a 120V, generator or solar panel to keep your batteries in excellent condition.

Category: First Trip

We protect our owners’ identities. Although some are accessible via social media, we do not release names, addresses, phone numbers, or emails without their written consent. However, if you would like to meet another owner in your area, just ask, and we will see if they are interested in connecting. We will share only email addresses, and you can both proceed from there. This way, you can build a Road Chief community that speaks to you.

Category: First Trip

The cellular amplifier works to amplify the cellular signal that you may have on your device. If there is no cellular signal, you may not have any signal to amplify.

Category: First Trip

Part of the experience is figuring what’s best for you. Some people love a detailed plan and others love to “blow in the wind.” Checklists can save you time and energy so you can ensure your trips are eventful in the way you imagine them. We suggest you personalize your checklists and place them in your phone or tablet, or just keep them handy. We offer pre-departure, campsite arrival, circle check, campsite departure and maintenance checklists. You will find them in the Bowlus Road Chief Owner’s Dropbox. Additionally, always take a few minutes to refresh yourself on your Road Chief® systems (power, water, propane) before you leave for a trip.

Some people love to be minimalists, while others love to bring everything. We believe some things are necessary that others believe are not. Start with our checklists. Review them and then build your own personalized list. Please remember we do not supply locks, chocks or water hoses with your Road Chief unless they were ordered from the Bowlus General Store.

Category: First Trip

Please review this in the Owner’s Manual. The easy answer is to always winterize your Road Chief if there is a threat of temperatures dropping below zero. This is possible in the desert or mountains, not just in the winter season.

Category: First Trip

How to Order (1)

Each Road Chief model has a specific color story. If it does not suit you, however, you have options:

1. Choose to customize your seating for $5,000 within a wider, but limited, palette collection selected by our design team.

2. Completely customize your Road Chief. This starts at $10,000 and, given the time intensive nature of this process, is offered on a restricted basis.

Category: How to Order

I Want To Know More (14)

We believe we offer a better experience for sales and service by going directly to our customers. Just book an appointment to face time or visit our showrooms in Henderson, NV and Oxnard, CA.

Yes, we love to “open the sample books” and collaborate on a custom palette just for you. The price for this service starts at $10,000.

Many of our owners order a Road Chief to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or retirement date. You have two options: order early and store the Road Chief so you can bring it out as a surprise, or place a “special order.” This means we specially tag your Road Chief and give the production and shipping special consideration for it to arrive when you wish. The charge for this is $4,000. Due to weather, etc., we ask for a delivery window of a few days, and we will do our very best to ensure you are delighted.

The Bowlus Road Chief Owner’s Manual, along with all sub-component manuals, are in your individual Owner’s Dropbox once your second deposit is made. This allows you ample time to review all documentation prior to taking delivery.

All sales support materials are available only in digital format.

Currently, we only sell in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Please contact our sales team

Bowlus Road Chief offers two Road Chief models: the Endless Highways (26′) – $185,000 and the On The Road (24′) – $137.000. Each Road Chief is produced with specific users and their needs in mind. Please ask our sales staff to assist you with the Road Chief that best suits your needs.

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Our Tesla X owners have reported that their range capacity is approximately 175 – 200 miles.

What is Zero-Emission Camping?

Tesla X owners love the Road Chief for a true earth-friendly approach to camping. Discover why these two are the perfect pairing.

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Photos that appear on the website are not always the most up to date representative of the current Road Chief color palettes. Call or email our sales team, as they are always delighted to respond to all inquiries.

You may want to consider one of the many “kits” and other items in the Bowlus General Store. You’ll have access to the Bowlus General Store when you make your second deposit. We suggest ordering items prior to your final payment so they can be delivered with your Road Chief.

Your reservation payment places you in the next priority queue for your Bowlus Road Chief. Lead times generally run anywhere from 1 to 6 months from deposit to delivery. Always consider placing order as soon as possible to ensure you are not disappointed. Very occasionally, we have a Road Chief available for immediate delivery.

Every new Bowlus Road Chief comes with a limited warranty. For more information, please ask your Sales Support Expert or Delivery Experience Specialist for a copy of the Bowlus Road Chief limited warranty.

Download Warranty

You can experience a Bowlus Road Chief by appointment on FaceTime or at our showroom in Henderson, NV or Oxnard, CA. You can call, email or use the convenient online scheduler to book your appointment.

Interior Features (18)

We don’t have bunk beds, but the Road Chief sleeps four. We do have several large families who just snuggle in, add a yoga mat to the floor or add a tent for overflow. Additionally, some add an overlander tent to their tow vehicle’s roof. Kids love it!

Yes, both the On The Road and Endless Highways come with two standard pillows and pillowcases.

We recommend using your favorite sound block.

We suggest you look at some of the wonderful personal washing options available at REI if you do not wish to use public washer/dryers while on the road.

High-quality standard tires are on a Bowlus Road Chief. These are often carried by AAA or easily sourced. Traveling at the recommended speed of the tires is safer and will make your tires last longer. Although the fenders offer some uv protection to the tires, they should be replaced at regular intervals. Should you wish to add a spare tire, please inquire for pricing.

Yes, we generally stock bedding. If bedding is out of stock, there may be a small delay for restocking.

Everyone has very personal wishes when it comes to storage. We’ve been asked about storing wine, liquor, fly-fishing gear, etc., just to give you a few ideas about the thoughts owners have. Since interests and needs vary widely, we recommend personalizing your storage after your Road Chief is delivered.

We recommend that purchases like these be made once you receive your Road Chief. The aisle width is 24”.

Every Bowlus Road Chief possesses a special addition to their drains so that you’ll never get that “dry sink” odor—you know the one—when you walk into the kitchen or bathroom after you’ve been away. It makes you step back as your wastewater attempts to “drown” the icky smell. You’ll never have to waste water to do that in a Road Chief. Additionally, and most importantly, we don’t combine “grey” and “black” water. By doing this, we can be kinder to the environment, use less fresh water for the toilet and avoid using a “stinky slinky” to dispose of gallons and gallons of unnecessary waste. A final benefit is that with the use of an environmentally friendly soap, you can now consider using your Road Chief “grey” water for a secondary use, like landscaping. As water becomes an increasingly valued resource, you’ll be glad you own a Road Chief that allows you to give the environment the respect it deserves.

At Bowlus, with our focus on engineering and design, we deliver a superior experience. We conducted extensive R&D when we made the decision to combine a cassette toilet with our special ventilation system. We can go on and on about the improved bowl geometry, seating height (and comfort), as well as the special warning system that tells you when to empty it; however, the ventilation system deserves attention. It’s similar to the activated sludge process used in sewage treatment plants, and it eliminates odors. While standard RVs typically develop an unpleasant “odor” caused by the toilet system, this is not an issue in a Road Chief.

Our largest Road Chief menagerie includes one Maine Coon cat, two small pups, one german shepherd and one delightful six-year-old human. Another Road Chief family travels with their four children. We even know a couple of well-loved felines and pups that have their own dedicated Road Chief drawer, filled with toys and treats. Our Betty-Dog thinks that sounds like pure heaven! Whomever you bring, remember that there is always room for a friend in a Bowlus Road Chief.

Instructions are included for these items in the Bowlus Road Chief Owner’s Manual.

A cellular amplifier is found in the On The Road and Endless Highways so that you can get up to two more bars while streaming with your own provider to view your favorite shows/games on the device of your choice.

You can store boards, bikes and kayaks by securing them with the anchors conveniently located throughout your Road Chief. They are also useful for securing towels, sunglasses, pets, etc.

Your tank has arrived sanitized; however, we do not recommend you drink this water, as you may not perform regular sanitizing of the tank.

A Bowlus Road Chief toilet uses less water than a traditional RV toilet system. A Road Chief does not combine gray and black water. The propane powers the cooktop and the heating system when the Road Chief is not plugged into a 120V. Please check our specifications pages for more information.

It is 6’4″. You can find this and other measurements in each model’s specifications.

It is 6’1”. This makes a very comfortable third berth. A fourth berth is available by taking the outdoor café table and inserting it between the dining seats.

Order Placement (4)

Once your order has been submitted to the factory, changes typically cannot be made. If we are able to accommodate a change request, we will let you know. A change fee may apply.

Category: Order Placement

Yes, visit the order page and place a $2,500 deposit. Our sales team will be in touch and then prepare a purchase agreement for your review.

Category: Order Placement

1. Start A Conversation – Contact us by email, phone, or schedule a visit via FaceTime or in person at our showrooms in Las Vegas (Henderson, NV) or Oxnard, CA. Keep in mind that delivery windows can run (depending on model) 1 to 6 months from order date, so it’s never too soon to start to learn more. Very occasionally, we have a Road Chief in stock so if you have an immediate need please let us know.

2. Order Your Road Chief – A $2,500 deposit indicates your intent to purchase, and our Sales Team will be in touch to confirm your selection and prepare your purchase agreement.

3. Delivery! – Our Delivery Team organizes every detail so your Road Chief will meet you at your home or office.
We look forward to your Road Chief adventures!

Category: Order Placement

Road Chief deliveries are based on the production schedule. Generally, the wait can range from 1 to 6 months. Very occasionally we have one in stock.

Category: Order Placement

Payment (5)

Before driving off on your first adventure with your new Bowlus Road Chief, we require that the balance be paid in full, either personally or by your financing institution. We provide an itemized breakdown of the final payment on the vehicle purchase agreement (VPA) per your vehicles configuration, including any applicable taxes and fees. If you choose to finance through a third party bank or credit union, the financed amount will be listed on your VPA.

Category: Payment

If you live in a state where Bowlus Road Chief has a sales license, the final amount due will include sales tax specific to your state of registration. If you live in a state where we do not have a sales license, you will pay applicable sales tax to your state when you register your Road Chief. Please note that if you take delivery of your vehicle in California, we are required to collect California sales tax even if the vehicle will be registered in another state. The express pick up option at the Henderson, NV showroom is available to anyone who is not a California resident. You will be issued a 15-day travel permit for any Road Chief that is delivered. California residents who wish to pick up their Road Chief must do so at the California showroom. We recommend discussing all tax concerns with your tax professional.

Category: Payment

The initial deposit can be made via credit card and the second and final payments must be submitted via wire. We forward the wire instructions prior to the second and final payments.

Category: Payment

All states require dealers of new motor vehicles to be licensed under a state agency. In states where Bowlus is not licensed as a motor vehicle dealer, the purchase of your Bowlus Road Chief will be considered an out-of-state transaction. At Bowlus Road Chief, we believe that our customers have a better purchase and ownership experience by dealing directly with us. Indeed, our customers have confirmed this.

Category: Payment

The reservation payment is $2,500 and is refundable for thirty days. The second deposit is $75,000. The final payment is the balance including any fees. We always give reasonable notice when funds are due.

Category: Payment

Registration (3)

If you live in a state where Bowlus Road Chief has a sales license, we will take care of or assist with the registration for you. If you live in a non-licensed state, we will provide you with the necessary information and paperwork so you can register your vehicle yourself. When we ship your Road Chief, we issue a temporary tag so you can legally drive your Road Chief as soon as you take delivery.

Category: Registration

Your vehicle insurance provider can insure your Bowlus Road Chief. Many owners also add replacement cost as part of their insurance rider. Additionally, we also recommend adding AAA RV.

Category: Registration

The delivery experience team will be in touch a few weeks prior to delivery with your vehicle identification number (VIN).

Category: Registration

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