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At Bowlus Road Chief we aim for the highest quality “customer focused” delivery experience. Once you place your order and enter your contact info, the sales support team will contact you. Once your order is confirmed, they will answer any questions you may have about delivery logistics. We now offer the following delivery options:

Home delivery: your Bowlus Road Chief is conveniently delivered to the address of your choice (residential or office) within the continental USA. We recommend that you view the manuals prior to delivery. They will be placed in your personalized Dropbox upon your second deposit. Payment in full is required prior to shipping, and a delivery window is provided in advance. Prior to delivery, our expert staff performs a pre-delivery inspection and verifies that your Road Chief is detailed. All documentation is done in advance and couriered separately to you. Once you have familiarized yourself with your Road Chief, our sales support team is available for questions. A $999 (or a $499 fee if you live in California or Nevada) delivery fee will appear on your invoice.

Express pickup: for those who have planned a trip from Oxnard, CA or Henderson, NV showrooms, you may pick up your Bowlus Road Chief and simply hitch and drive off. Please make sure to review your manuals, contract and other documents prior to the express pickup appointment. Our showrooms offer a great customer experience for sales, showings and pickups, but have very limited space, so we are unable to store vehicles at them. Please be prepared to pick up your vehicle within one week of notification, or it will be shipped to your home address on file. Prior to your appointment, our expert staff performs a pre-delivery inspection and verifies that your Road Chief is detailed. The fee for this service is $499.

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