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Exterior Features (12)

Yes, owners have used an assortment bike racks as well as the internal tie downs. We recommend making this purchase after your Road Chief is delivered.

Although no owners have experienced any concerns, we recommend you ensure your hitch assembly is locked to your vehicle and your Road Chief is locked to your hitch assembly. Then replace the lock on the Road Chief once you have unhitched it from your vehicle.

The awning attaches to either side of the Bowlus Road Chief by simply sliding through the awning rail. Then, three tent poles hold it up. Tent pegs and rope are included.

The solar panel has a 25-foot cord and plugs into an outlet on the exterior of the Road Chief. For maximum effectiveness, the solar panel must be manually adjusted for location, cloud cover and angle of sun. Over the course of a sunny day, one solar panel can generate enough power for the next day.

Name your Road Chief something you love. We do our very best to accommodate your wishes. Generally, 20 characters is an appropriate limit.

We recommend storing your Road Chief in a secure indoor facility. If you Road Chief has a LiFePO4 battery, we recommend that you charge up your battery 100% before storage, and then switch your Road Chief into storage mode. Please check on your Road Chief monthly to confirm the state of charge. You do not need to have 120V power while storing. If your Road Chief does not have LiFePO4 battery, we recommend trickle charging with 120V power.

Washing your Road Chief only takes about 30 minutes; it’s simple and easy to clean – just use water and a micro-cloth. Instructions are included in your Road Chief Owner’s Manual.

The hitch is not removable.

Safety is always our first priority, and you never need to rush hitching since it just takes a minute or two. Your tow vehicle must be outfitted with a 2-inch ball that sits 17.5 inches to 18.5 inches from level ground to the top of the ball. You must have two “anchor” points or rings on your hitch to attach the emergency and safety cables. You must have an operational 7-pin socket. If your 7-pin plug is more than 1.5 feet away from your hitch assembly, please send a photo to You must have an operational 12V socket inside your vehicle for plugging in your remote brake controller. Please always remember to lock your hitch assembly to your vehicle as well as to lock your Road Chief to your hitch.

Want to know if your vehicle can tow a Road Chief?

Our sales team members are towing experts. They love to share their knowledge to get you safely on your first adventure.

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The radio frequency brake controller is twinned to your Road Chief prior to delivery, so no matter which vehicle you use, the brake controller will function. You’ll find a manual for the operation of the radio frequency brake controller in your Owner’s Dropbox.

Propane is only used for the stove, and, if you choose, the heating system. You can also run the heating system on 120V. The propane system takes 5.8 gallons (24.36 pounds) of propane. Generally, heavy users refill twice a year. We do not use a propane refrigerator since they require a level surface, and the propane must be turned on while traveling to keep food from spoiling, creating a safety hazard.

Please notify us as soon as you have made the decision. If the change is made after your Road Chief’s name has been applied, we can quote you the price for a new set of fender skirts and courier them to you.

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