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Interior Features (18)

We don’t have bunk beds, but the Road Chief sleeps four. We do have several large families who just snuggle in, add a yoga mat to the floor or add a tent for overflow. Additionally, some add an overlander tent to their tow vehicle’s roof. Kids love it!

Yes, both the On The Road and Endless Highways come with two standard pillows and pillowcases.

We recommend using your favorite sound block.

We suggest you look at some of the wonderful personal washing options available at REI if you do not wish to use public washer/dryers while on the road.

High-quality standard tires are on a Bowlus Road Chief. These are often carried by AAA or easily sourced. Traveling at the recommended speed of the tires is safer and will make your tires last longer. Although the fenders offer some uv protection to the tires, they should be replaced at regular intervals. Should you wish to add a spare tire, please inquire for pricing.

Yes, we generally stock bedding. If bedding is out of stock, there may be a small delay for restocking.

Everyone has very personal wishes when it comes to storage. We’ve been asked about storing wine, liquor, fly-fishing gear, etc., just to give you a few ideas about the thoughts owners have. Since interests and needs vary widely, we recommend personalizing your storage after your Road Chief is delivered.

We recommend that purchases like these be made once you receive your Road Chief. The aisle width is 24”.

Every Bowlus Road Chief possesses a special addition to their drains so that you’ll never get that “dry sink” odor—you know the one—when you walk into the kitchen or bathroom after you’ve been away. It makes you step back as your wastewater attempts to “drown” the icky smell. You’ll never have to waste water to do that in a Road Chief. Additionally, and most importantly, we don’t combine “grey” and “black” water. By doing this, we can be kinder to the environment, use less fresh water for the toilet and avoid using a “stinky slinky” to dispose of gallons and gallons of unnecessary waste. A final benefit is that with the use of an environmentally friendly soap, you can now consider using your Road Chief “grey” water for a secondary use, like landscaping. As water becomes an increasingly valued resource, you’ll be glad you own a Road Chief that allows you to give the environment the respect it deserves.

At Bowlus, with our focus on engineering and design, we deliver a superior experience. We conducted extensive R&D when we made the decision to combine a cassette toilet with our special ventilation system. We can go on and on about the improved bowl geometry, seating height (and comfort), as well as the special warning system that tells you when to empty it; however, the ventilation system deserves attention. It’s similar to the activated sludge process used in sewage treatment plants, and it eliminates odors. While standard RVs typically develop an unpleasant “odor” caused by the toilet system, this is not an issue in a Road Chief.

Our largest Road Chief menagerie includes one Maine Coon cat, two small pups, one german shepherd and one delightful six-year-old human. Another Road Chief family travels with their four children. We even know a couple of well-loved felines and pups that have their own dedicated Road Chief drawer, filled with toys and treats. Our Betty-Dog thinks that sounds like pure heaven! Whomever you bring, remember that there is always room for a friend in a Bowlus Road Chief.

Instructions are included for these items in the Bowlus Road Chief Owner’s Manual.

A cellular amplifier is found in the On The Road and Endless Highways so that you can get up to two more bars while streaming with your own provider to view your favorite shows/games on the device of your choice.

You can store boards, bikes and kayaks by securing them with the anchors conveniently located throughout your Road Chief. They are also useful for securing towels, sunglasses, pets, etc.

Your tank has arrived sanitized; however, we do not recommend you drink this water, as you may not perform regular sanitizing of the tank.

A Bowlus Road Chief toilet uses less water than a traditional RV toilet system. A Road Chief does not combine gray and black water. The propane powers the cooktop and the heating system when the Road Chief is not plugged into a 120V. Please check our specifications pages for more information.

It is 6’4″. You can find this and other measurements in each model’s specifications.

It is 6’1”. This makes a very comfortable third berth. A fourth berth is available by taking the outdoor café table and inserting it between the dining seats.

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