What do I need to hitch my Road Chief® to my vehicle?

Safety is always our first priority, and you never need to rush hitching since it just takes a minute or two. Your tow vehicle must be outfitted with a 2-inch ball that sits 17.5 inches to 18.5 inches from level ground to the top of the ball. You must have two “anchor” points or rings on your hitch to attach the emergency and safety cables. You must have an operational 7-pin socket. If your 7-pin plug is more than 1.5 feet away from your hitch assembly, please send a photo to sales@bowlus.com. You must have an operational 12v socket inside your vehicle for plugging in your remote brake controller. Please always remember to lock your hitch assembly to your vehicle as well as to lock your Road Chief® to your hitch. Your tow vehicle rating should be 3,500 lbs. Or more for the on the road edition (24) and 4,000 lbs. Or more for the on the road (26).


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