Endless Highways Performance Edition Launch

The Endless Highways Performance Edition is the the ultimate in land travel, with the best in class luxury and performance features

Hitching Your Road Chief

Join our CEO, Geneva Long, as she shows you how the Bowlus Road Chief is the easiest RV to drive, as well as the easiest travel trailer to hitch. All Bowlus Road Chiefs are incredibly lightweight and have low tongue weights, which means you can pull your Road Chief to your tow vehicle. Additionally, as all Road Chiefs have GVWRs of under 4,000 lbs, you will find that smaller vehicles like crossovers and SUVs are the perfect vehicle to tow your Road Chief.

Can My Vehicle Tow a Road Chief? Our sales team members are towing experts. They love to share their knowledge to get you safely on your first adventure.

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Tesla Model X Towing & Range Test with the Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief is the best adventure partner for a Tesla X for several reasons. One of our favorites? Zero-Emission Camping.

A Tesla X towing a Road Chief gets up to 200 miles per charge. There’s no other electric duo that comes close (vehicles of comparable length and weight don’t even make it past the 50 to 95 mile range). The Bowlus Road Chief, after all, has its roots in aircraft construction. It's ultra lightweight is yet another feature that makes it the ideal companion for a Tesla X, which weighs twice as much as the Road Chief. The result? A highly stable towing experience at 65 mph.

What is Zero-Emission Camping? Tesla X owners love the Road Chief for a true earth-friendly approach to camping. Discover why these two are the perfect pairing.

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Bowlus Road Chief Lifestyle

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