One Day in San Luis Obispo

One Day in San Luis Obispo

Spend an amazing day in San Luis Obispo with your RV! Here's the perfect itinerary.
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4 Romantic Adventures for You & Your Road Chief

4 Romantic Adventures for You & Your Road Chief

Traveling brings people closer together. Numerous studies have revealed that couples who travel together have stronger relationships. When you agree...
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Introducing the NEW On The Road 26′ Edition Color Palette

Introducing the NEW On The Road 26′ Edition Color Palette

This week we have some big news. We’re introducing our new limited-edition color palette for the On The Road 26’...
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5 Places to See the 2019 Superbloom with Your Road Chief
Something magical is happening all over Southern California. Explosions of wildflowers are cropping up, thanks to the cool weather and
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RV itinerary Paso Robles
One Day in Paso Robles
Want to know one of California’s best kept secrets? We’ll give you a hint: it lies halfway between San Francisco
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Naming your luxury travel trailer
Naming Your Bowlus Road Chief
What’s in a name? A lot of thought, if you’re a Bowlus Road Chief adventurer. Many great vehicles have a
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Everything You Want to Know About the Road Chief’s Electrical System
You probably know that the Bowlus Road Chief has the longest lasting battery on the market. But did you know
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Why We Don’t Believe in Big RV and Why You Shouldn’t Either
Megacorporations have long been a part of our cultural landscape, but we don’t always realize the pervasiveness of their reach.
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Did Someone Just Say “Snow Day”?
Winter wanderlust can tickle the heart of any adventurer, especially when traveling with a Road Chief. Those of us who
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The RV Industry’s Dirty Secret
There’s a disturbingly prevalent trend in the RV industry. After new RV owners take delivery, they notice the shoddy craftsmanship.
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bowlus road chief thanksgiving
Are you ready for Thankscamping?
Spending Thanksgiving on a Road Chief® adventure provides ample opportunities to honor the spirit of appreciation that’s the heart of
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How Do You Keep Your Signature?
And Add Two More Feet of Road Chief Love.
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How Your Reactions Influence Our Design Direction
We love watching visitors' reactions to the Bowlus Road Chief - some stand back and exclaim, “It’s rolling art!” Others
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Can Color Speak Louder Than Words?
Color is a fascinating, unspoken language.
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Celebrating Inspiration
We believe inspiration comes more often when we make time for nature. As we hike a mountain trail, our minds
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Why do we seek?
Life is an adventure - you know this. We do, too.
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Give Yourself Permission To Be Lazy
Owners tell us one of their favorite features of the Road Chief is the ability to pull over and take
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Memorize A Moment
With the unofficial, end-of-summer, long weekend approaching, we’d like to suggest choosing one last summer moment to commit to our
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The Truth About the RV Industry and How Bowlus is Changing it
Consumers have been putting up with defective RV builds and dreadful designs for far too long. The industry business model
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Why Does Good Design Matter?
The Bowlus Road Chief is recognized as one of the most beautifully designed, easiest to use and most user-friendliest RVs
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“How Should We Go?”
We live in a day and age where you can pick your destination and plan your route in minutes. Recently,
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Bowlus DogPond
What Does Your Dog Think About While You’re Away?
If you are anything like us, you hate leaving your dog behind when you head out of town for a
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What Should You Consider When Buying an RV?
At Bowlus Road Chief we’re often asked “what should I consider when buying an RV?” Especially since 90% of our
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Why We Do What We Do…
Although you know what we do, you may not understand why we do it. The “why” is what really matters.
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