Can Color Speak Louder Than Words?

Can Color Speak Louder Than Words?

Does seeing a big box of crayons fill you with joy? It has that effect on me, too. Color is a fascinating, unspoken language. It communicates ideas and feelings that words cannot; it speaks to our conscious and subconscious minds. Color shapes our well-being, influences our moods, and can even encourage spiritual growth. Color influences our lives in many ways – my dad still fondly remembers the exact shade of yellow my mom was wearing the first day they met in 1979. Our fascination with hues and shades motivated us to set special color intentions for the Bowlus Road Chief®. We want to ensure that the color palettes we create can do so much more in your lives. So, we’ve decided to share a few thoughts on what we’re considering on our color journey.

Some of my most interesting work as an undergraduate at Wharton occurred while I was a research assistant to marketing professor, Jonah Berger, as he was writing his New York Times best seller, Contagious: Why Things Catch On. Professor Berger and I shared a love of orange. It is bright, fun, and inviting. Orange represents abundance and is both a warm and energetic color. It encourages creativity and adventure, so it makes sense that we’re drawn to it. So it is no surprise you see it in our new 26 foot Endless Highways Edition – Heart of the Canyons Edition.

Blue symbolizes tranquility. Drawn from nature’s color of calm waters and blissful skies, it’s not surprising that soothing and symbolic blue represents trust and harmony. It also holds energy of meaning and conveys a sense of calm, making it popular. Green is a color of nature, symbolizing health, youth, renewal, good luck, and even money. Both are colors that have enjoyed great popularity with Bowlus Road Chief® interiors.

We love how color can enhance our lives like a Bowlus Road Chief® does. The power of the two is undeniable and something we are very excited to reveal over the next few months.

Here’s to a colorful life,
Geneva Long
Bowlus Road Chief®

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